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Guided Meditations
Meeting Your Angels and Guides
Meet Your Guardian Angel  - and your ancestors and
Guides that help and protect you through this lifetime.
Get the answers you seek!
This Guided Meditation will take you on a divine journey  
to  meet with your Angels and Guides.
Instantly for
$11.11 NOW!
Connecting with your Loved
Ones on the Other Side!
Connect with your Loved Ones in this Guided Meditation
with Dorothy Welsh.

journey  to connect with your Loved Ones on the Other
Powerful Protection Meditation

Feeling vulnerable and just not yourself?  
Relieve your fears and anxieties!  Relax and
feel safe as you connect to the Strength
and Power of
Archangel Michael to
surround and protect you in this Powerful
and Protective Guided Meditation.  
$11.11 NOW!
Instantly for
$11.11 NOW!
Open and Clear Your Ckakras
Open and Clear your chakras for a clearer
Mind and Body and healthier You!
This valuable Guided Meditation will help to
Stimulate, Open and Clear your Chakras!
Can be used as often as necessary.
Instantly for
$11.11 NOW!
Balance Your Ckakras
with this Guided Meditation
Instantly for
$11.11 NOW!
Feeling a little out of balance lately?
BALANCE Your Chakras with this Guided
Mind and Body and healthier You!
Meditation using crystal energies for a clearer
This valuable Guided Meditation will help to
Open and then Balance each of your Chakras!
You'll be using it over and over again!
Healing Breath Meditation
for Chest and Lungs
*This meditation is dedicated to Alice Bozzuto and Thomas and
the University of PA -Presbyterian Medical Center
Chemotherapy Department.  
Begin your healing today with this powerful
Allow your mind and body to relax so the
healing can begin!
In this healing journey with Dorothy Welsh,
you will concentrate on your chest and lung
area, open the flow of healing and allow
Angelic Light Energy to fill and cleanse the
area, heal the chest and lungs while balancing
your entire being.
A very Powerful Healing Hypnosis CD!
Guided Meditation to Relieve Stress,
Anxiety and Depression
Begin your healing today!
Release the stress, anxiety and depression in your
life and open your heart to allow peace to enter.  Find
a tranquil place filled with peace and happiness in
this relaxing meditation gently guiding you to release
what doesn't work in your life.  Reconnect with your
higher self and the universal love that is all around
us.  Begin Healing Today!
Instantly for
$11.11 NOW!
8 Minute Meditation
No time for a regular meditation practice?

This easy to use, "8 Minute Meditation" is designed to
"center"  yourself in 8 minutes by relaxing the body and
quieting the mind.  You will feel refreshed and renewed
after listening to the quiet voice of Dorothy Welsh in this
relaxing guided meditation.
Download instantly
for $8.88
Animal Spirit Guide Meditation
Connect with your Animal Guide Today

Animal Guides possess great knowledge and power of the
earth and of nature.  They can foretell events as well as
give us messages and warnings when necessary.  They
can be our ally and protectors in our journey through life.  
Listen to the messages they bring you

Connect with your Spirit Animal Guide.  
Ask for assistance and listen to the messages they bring
to help us in our daily lives.

*This Guided Meditation will assist you in meeting
and working with your Animal Guide.
instantly for
$11.11 NOW!
Instantly for
$11.11 NOW!
Dorothy Welsh is a Professional Psychic Medium, Spiritual
Advisor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Psychic
Development Instructor.  We hope you enjoy our classes
and meditations.

*Meditation is not intended to replace professional medical care. If you are in
need of health care, please see your health care professional.

If you have any questions, please send an email to
Audio File for Emotional Healing!
May you be Healed!
Play over and over again as needed.
Listen to a small sample here.
*Payments for all downloadable content are non-refundable.
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-and Quit Smoking
Today! $11.11
Gain control over cravings
Need Some Help?
Having a hard time with nicotine cravings?
Download our meditation and gain control over cigarettes
today!  You DO have the power to quit!!  Feel more relaxed
and confident as you leave this habit behind!
-Meeting Your Angels and Guides
-Connecting with Loved Ones
-Protection Meditation
-Open and Clear your Chakras
-Balance your Chakras
-Meet your Spirit Animal Guide
-Quick 8-Minute Meditation
-Relieve Stress and Anxiety
-QUIT Smoking
-Healing Breath for Chest and Lung Ailments
-Healing Meditation for Breast Issues
This website and the material contained therein is designed and intended for general entertainment and information only.  
A psychic reading, class or guided meditation is not a substitute for any type of professional/medical or legal advice.  
*Meditation is not intended to replace professional medical care. If you
are in need of health care, please see your health care professional.
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Healing Meditation for Breast Issues
This Powerful Meditation is for - Healing Breast Issues
Associated with Breast Cancer, Cysts, Lumps, Reconstruction, Surgery or
any Blood Flow issues in the area of your chest or breasts.

Allow your mind and body to relax in the powerful healing this meditation
provides.  While listening you will find your mind gently calming and your
body deeply relaxing under this peaceful guided journey by Dorothy Welsh.

This meditation brings healing light and energy to the chest and breast
areas while infusing pranic strength, chi energy and balance back to your
entire being.
$11.11 NOW!
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