Psychic Medium
Dorothy Welsh
Clairvoyant - Psychic - Medium - Healer - Teacher
Background information for Psychic/Medium Dorothy Welsh
Born on Halloween, Dorothy was destined for psychic activities in her life.  Her family noticed her psychic abilities
grandmother was a Medical-Intuitive and her mother was a medium who lead many Seances in her home.  
Dorothy's first sign of her psychic gifts came in the form of prophetic dreams as a child. And although she started to
show signs of being psychicly gifted early in life, she did not pursue formal studies until the age of 21 when she felt
Even though Dorothy was raised Catholic, she was always interested in studying other religions and experimenting
with different churches, beliefs and ideals.  In 1999, she found her way back to the Catholic Church, but has
brought with her a well rounded spirituality.

Dorothy has been reading Tarot since 1986 and studying different forms of psychic abilities, shamanistic studies
and spiritual connections.

In 1996, a life-altering event opened her eyes to Holistic Healing, and her studies to heal others began.  Dorothy
suffered permanent nerve damage to her neck and shoulders due to a train accident.  She was left with so much
pain that she could not lift her arms and holding her head up was very difficult.  The grief of not being able to hold
her 2 year old son in her arms was almost too much to bear.  The daily pain was excruiating, and after two years,
forced her to change careers.  After several years of taking pain killers, numerous prescription drugs and a great
deal of physical therapy, Dorothy finally found relief in a bodyworker recommended by her Chiropractor.  The
Holistic Healing techniques helped her so much that she was able to stop many of the prescription drugs, including
the pain killers.  Alternative Healing made such an impact on her life that she decided to study some of the
alternative pain relieving and stress relieving techniques to help others.

Now a Reiki Master Instructor, Certified Hynotherapist, Certified Reflexologist, Integrative Energy Healer and
Spiritual Advisor, Dorothy provides healing treatments and psychic readings to her many clients, as well as
teaching these techniques to others.  Dorothy teaches Reiki Certification, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as
well as Psychic Development, Meditation, Animal Guide Connection and of course, the Tarot.  She has helped
many people with pain management as well as assist cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments to
boost their immune system and lessen the after-effects of the treatments.  Dorothy is very excited to spread the
healing techniques of Reiki and energy healing to the community so others may experience the many benefits of
mind/body balanced healing to heal both body and soul.

As a psychic and medium, Dorothy provides private readings, and phone consultations around the United States.  
She schedules psychic readings for individuals as well as parties and groups, including birthday parties, bridal or
baby showers and corporate events.  Dorothy can be seen at local Spiritual and Holisitic Events.  And if you're
interested in connecting with a loved one who has passed, ask her about a private reading.

Also a student of Holistic Herbal Remedies and Aromatherapy, Dorothy has created a line of healing products
known as Moon-Spirit Essentials.  The essential products blend healing herbs, crystals and essential oils to create a
healing effect on the body.  The product line consists of oils, powders, bath salts and a spray.  Each product is
individually hand made and infused with healing Reiki energy.

Teacher and Founder of The Psychic Development and Education Center in Bensalem, PA, Dorothy is also a
Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master/Energy Healer and a member of the Professional Association of Intuitive
Consultants.  She is the creator of the Psychic Development Series on CD as well as several Guided Mediations for
relaxation and healing, Clearing your Chakras and Meeting your Angels and Guides.  Her popular Healing
Meditation for Chest and Lungs CD has been donated to Fox Chase Cancer Center and the University of
Pennsylvania/PennPresbyterian Medical Center for the healing of those undergoing chemotherapy treatments for
chest and lung issues and is offered as a free download on this website to those in need.  

She is dedicated to awakening the world to their psychic talents, balancing the mind/body/spirit connection,
assisting others in developing their psychic and healing gifts and empowering you with knowledge to live the
abundant and successful life you were meant to live.

Dorothy's family continues the legacy of healing and energy work as her sister is a Metaphysical Teacher and
Energy Healer, and her son is a gifted Psychic and Aura Reader.  Dorothy's schedule is very full as she provides
private and group Psychic Readings, phone consultations as well as Medium Sessions to connect with your loved
ones who have passed.  You can see her at local Spiritual and Holistic Fairs or schedule her to do readings at your
next event, including bridal/baby showers, birthdays or corporate events.  Please visit the Events page to see an
updated Schedule of Events, or call to schedule a reading.

Certified Reflexologist
Certified Hynotherapist
Certified Usui Reiki Master Instructor
Certified Integrative Energy Therapy Practitioner for clearing emotional
blockages (I.E.T.)
Certified Therapeutic Touch Energy Practitioner
Certified Spiritual Advisor
Student of Taoism, Tai Chi, Astrology, Herbs and Aromatherapy
as well as Native American Shamanism and Emotional Freedom
Technique (EFT)

Professional Psychic/Medium since 1986.