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Chakra Balancing Spray
This spray is delicately balanced with 7 herbs, crystals
and essential oils to clear and balance each of the 7
major chakras in the body.  Feel cleared and balanced
with this beautifully scented spray infused with the
energies of Archangel Haniel for Balance and Joy..

Spray can be used with
The Chakra Balancing Mat.
Chakra Healing Products
*Proudly Made in the USA*
Angel Energy (IET).  Each mat is infused with Reiki and IET energy
(You can use it alone or along with the crystals associated with each
Chakra.  Pair it with our Chakra Balancing Meditation to enhance the
healing effects of the blanket.

Simply relax on the blanket for healing and balancing.
You receive Eight healing effects including:

1. The "Color" of each Chakra brings the energy of healing and balancing as it
infuses with your Auric Field.

2. The
Sacred Geometry symbols specific to each Chakra enter your body
through the auric field bringing ancient wisdom back to each Chakra to
energize it. They spin at a very  high frequency to break up any blocks in your
energy field.

The intention of the printed words are powerful themselves, and bring
energy to this blanket, including...

3.  The
Name of Each Chakra is printed with the intention to "wake" it up
and stimulates each energy center throughout your body.

4. The
characteristic of each Chakra is listed to call attention to its trait and
bring strength back to each chakra..  The purpose is to realign the characteristic
back into your energy field.

5. The
Rights of each Chakra are listed with the intention of bringing healing
and balance back to each Chakra where the rights may have been affected.
6. The
names of the crystals associated with each Chakra are listed to bring
you their healing energy, and help to realign and rebalance each Chakra
7. Each blanket is infused with healing
Reiki energy.

8. Each blanket is infused with
Angelic Vibrational Energy (IET) to help clear
any blocks
with Angelic assistance for your highest healing!

So much healing energy on one blanket.

*Keeps your chakras cleared and balanced by just relaxing on it.
*Sleeping with it opens your subconcious to spontaneous healing.

Versatile enough to use anywhere!

For personal use: You can use it on your sofa, bed or chair.
For professional use: massage table, reiki table.
or even in your car or at the beach.

Great for Massage Therapists, Yoga instructors,
Reiki Healers, Energy Healers - or as a personal
healing tool for yourself - and it makes a great gift
for a friend too!

This beautiful Chakra Balancing T-Shirt displays
with the Chakra Rights allowing your chakras to
be balanced while wearing it.  

Purchase this and many other products with our
Chakra Healing Designs (including book bags,
bedding, shirts and household items) at
Designs by Dorothy Welsh for Healing and Balancing
from Crown Chakra to Root Chakra
(points are approximate depending on your height)
Originally $85
30x40" (they have small printing creases)
Most not noticeable because of the deep pile
Deep Discount SALE Price $49.00
Add the Guided Meditation to get the full
effects of the Healing Blanket.
Buy one for yourself
and one for a friend!

Makes a great gift!
or Reiki Table
Shown with Small mat
Chakra Balancing
your Gift Set.
Small or Large

Add other Chakra
products to your gift
including Chakra
Balancing Spray -
Chakra Balancing
Crystal Set and our
Chakra Balancing
Meditation to complete
your Gift Set.
Find Balance with every sip.
Chakra Balancing Crystal Set

Contains (Red Jasper, Carnelian, Golden
Quartz, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst
and Clear Quartz Crystals
Also comes with a black pouch.
*Please note that all crystals are natural stones and may come differently than shown.
Shown with a quarter for
approximate sizing.
*International shipping rates are higher and any additional fees
30"x40"   $69   -    SOLD OUT! - See below
50"x60" size $99    SOLD OUT! - See below
Plush Velveteen Fleece  BLANKETS
Finely Knit Fleece Blankets
-Receive the full effects of the healing Blanket with this
beautiful meditation.  
-Bask in the glow of the healing, clearing and balancing
energies in this beautiful meditation using the energies of
the Chakra Balancing Blanket - Sacred Geometry Symbols,
Healing Crystal Energies, Chakra Rights and healing
Chakra Color Energies - all in this one meditation
(39.07 minutes of relaxation and healing)
Instantly for
These beautiful blankets/mats lay flat and can be used as a Mat or
Blanket.  They fold easily for storage - Have detailed lines and
lettering - Durable and washable - Optimal for personal use or for
work environment

Great for Massage/Reiki Tables and Professional Use
additional healing to your clients

Buy Extra Mats for your Office - or buy one for a friend!
*Discounts for multiple purchases - email us for pricing.
Customize Your Gift Certificate
Customized Gift Certificates
For the Holidays.
Customize Your Gift
Amount Below
Comfortable and Soft
Can be used as a Blanket or as a Mat
Chakra Pillowcases

- Open your Psychic Awareness with our Crown and 3rd Eye pillowcase
- Open your Communication Skills with our Throat Chakra pillowcase
- Open your heart to unconditional Love with our Heart Chakra Pillowcase
- Open to your own Power and Confidence with our Solar  Plexus Pillowcase
- Open your creativity and emotional stability with our Sacral Chakra Pillowcase
- Open your Root Chakra for Grounding and enhancing Career, Home,
Family and your Foundations in Life with our Root Chakra Pillowcase
Soft Microfleece Material
50x60 Throw Size Shown
Gift Certificates are good for any
service or product on our website.
Chakra Pillowcases with Pattern
Choose Pillowcase Here
2 sizes Velveteen Fleece shown
Purchases with
Shipping Rates
Can also be used as an Altar
We have just a few left in stock. Order yours today! And Get a Free Meditation.
Let me know if you are interested in the Velveteen Fleece.  I can send pictures first.
Please note that there are no returns or refunds on this product.
These beautiful soft plush blankets came in with small printing flaws
(some folds and lines during printing)
Their error is your reward - Deeply Discounted pricing.
Up to 40% OFF
is soft and cuddly..